Kiali: Manage, visualize, validate and troubleshoot your Service mesh!

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What is Kiali ?.

Why do we need Kiali ?.

  1. Overall observability and management of Service Mesh Infrastructure.
  2. Easy integration with products like Prometheus,Jaeger,Zipkin and Grafana etc.
  3. Kiali helps in understanding the functionality of how mTLS is used in a typical complex Istio mesh environment.
  4. Advanced Mesh Deployment and Multi-cluster support.

Kiali Architecture :

Implementation steps:

kubectl apply -f```
helm repo add kiali repo updatehelm install \
--namespace istio-system \
kiali-server \
kubectl port-forward svc/kiali 20001:20001 -n istio-system
  • The Product page: written in Python, this service displays the book page to the end-user. In doing so, it must display the book information by contacting the details service and the book reviews by contacting the reviews service.
  • The Details Service: written in Ruby, it provides book information.
  • The Reviews Service: written in Java, it provides book reviews. In doing so, it must contact the rating service to also get the star rating of the book.
  • The Rating Service: written on NodeJS, it provides the star rating count for books.
Book application architecture
kubectl label namespace default istio-injection=enabledkubeclt apply -f
curl productpage:9080/productpage




Trying new things. Breaking stuff. Likes open source | DevOps | Find me on LinkedIn 🔎.

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Manoj Bhagwat

Manoj Bhagwat

Trying new things. Breaking stuff. Likes open source | DevOps | Find me on LinkedIn 🔎.

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